Elder Law

As our population ages, more and more of us confront elder law-related issues, whether for ourselves or our parents. Elder law is an aspect of estate planning which focuses on the needs of individuals and their families as they age. Issues of aging include accessing and paying for quality health care, identifying the need for long-term care, securing senior housing, designating trusted individuals for health care and financial decisions, and applying for Medicare or Medicaid.

After a life of hard work, everyone deserves time to rest and enjoy. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer elders get the chance to experience these golden years due to financial, medical or government aid-related challenges.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With the proper legal assistance, your elder can be provided for.

Rest Assured That Your Elder Loved One Will Always Be Looked After. Our Law Firm Can Help:

  • Navigate the Complex World of Medicaid to Ensure Your Loved One Receives Benefits Even if They Have Assets That Need to Be Protected.
  • Create A Comprehensive Plan to Ensure Your Loved One’s Personal Care Expenses Are Provided for and Create the Legal Structure to Ensure Your Plan Is Carried Out.
  • Appoint Caring and Responsible Guardian in The Event That Your Elder is Ever Unable to Care for Themselves but They Never Executed Proper Documents When They Had the Chance.
  • Ensure that Last Wishes Are Carried Out and that Assets are Protected for The Desired Beneficiaries.